INFRARED therapy

Feel the heat without the burn.

Your Infrared Sauna awaits your wellness journey…

Parmenides, Greek physician - 5th Century B.C.

“Give me the power to induce fever and I will cure all diseases.”

Spa Wellness Menu & Packages

If you are a first-time floater, please arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment. You’ll be required to sign a form which will then be followed by great tips that will make your experience much more enjoyable!​

30 Minutes

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Sauna Unlimited Membership - 30 Minutes

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First Time Float

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60 Minutes

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90 Minutes

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120 Minutes

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Intro Package - (3) 60 min *(available at before or within the first week of float)

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Float Membership - 60 Min. Float / 30 Min. Sauna / Access to Air Compression Massage

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Starting At

Local Cryo - 5 Minutes

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Full Body Cryo - 3 Minutes

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Local Cryo Special - (10) 5 Minutes

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Full Body Cryo Special  - (10) 3 Minutes

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Cryo Unlimited Membership - Local and Full Body

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Full Body Cryo Membership - (10) 3 Minutes

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Local Cryo Membership - (10) 5 Minutes

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PEMF MAT - 30 minutes

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Air-Compression - 30 minutes

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Hot & Cold Package

4|30 Minute IR Sauna4|5 Minute Cryo-Facials
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Hot & Cold Complete

4|30 Minute IR Sauna4|3 Minute Full Body Cryo
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Recovery Package

3|60 Minute Float3|30 Minute IR Sauna
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Bundle of 10

|30 Compression Massage|30 PEMF MAT|5 Minute Local Cryo
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Mix & Match

Thermal therapy

Floatation Wellness & Benefits

Feel the heat and the healing power of the Sauna: from the Finnish, to the ancient Greeks, to Native Americans, The practice of thermal therapy has spanned generations and continents.

Unlike the traditional dry sauna,  infrared saunas emit heat that is directly absorbed by the skin. As a result, the heat waves are able to penetrate deep within the muscle and tissue, creating a rise in core body temperature at a much lower ambient temperature than the traditional sauna.

It is this key difference in heating methodology that gives the infrared sauna its ability to create an environment that promotes a detoxifying sweat at a much lower temperature, unlocking a variety of different health benefits, such as:









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