Post-Covid Cleanliness

Florida Float Spa wants to ensure our customers have an incredible experience every time they visit one of our wellness centers.  The cleaning and sanitation procedures have been greatly improved in response to the Covid-19 and we want our customers to know we take these precautions very seriously.  Here are the steps we have taken to better serve the community:
  • Limited Schedule with more time to clean in between customers
  • Staff wears masks at all times
  • Sanitization of all touch points before every person comes in (front door, desk, pens, clipboards, light switches, bathroom, etc.)
  • Float rooms and showers are sprayed and wiped down with H202 before every visit
  • Sauna Room is wiped down completely after each use
  • New Q-tips, towels, floor mats, and ear plugs after each customer
  • Appointment-Only business; very little walk-in traffic
We have also asked all of the floaters to be responsible and to not come in if they are not feeling 100%.  Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries regarding the cleanliness of the wellness centers.